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Our demountable containers are an innovative, economical alternative to ISO storage containers or any other alternative storage shed. Their lightweight, but durable flat-pack design allows the containers to be stored or transported at only 15 inches high.
Containers are coming in variety of sizes from 7 ft to 20 ft long and can be also easily connected via a connection kit to form 40 ft or 60 ft in length even more.
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Quick Store Container consist of 6 pieces - bottom, left side, right side, front panel, back panel and roof. Unlike competitor’s welded design each of these panels are assembled with bolts and can be individually replaced if damaged which prolongs the life
cycle of the container and your investment. This feature also makes the container easy movable trough narrow spaces like between buildings, doors, fence and garage etc. Quick Store Container unique design also allows the container to have different configurations providing extra doors in the front, rear or sides and it can
be easy exchanged back and forth according to customer desire.
Cleanup and offload your home.  Extra storage for “extra” home stuff.  Store during remodeling and construction.  Storage between  moves or when preparing your home for sale.  Ready to move when you are.  Deliver added value business storage.   Safe storage
for contractors and their customers.    Storage for a safer work environment.  Secure job site equipment against theft and weather.  Dry and secure chemical storage.   Protect capital assets.  Serve ever-changing storage needs.  Safe and easy assembly / disassembly save time and money.    Cost effective, turnkey moving and
storage service.  Moving and storage for one price.  Convenient for Do-It-Yourself moves.   Base, military housing and government building renovations.  Solutions for personnel and military and government facilities.   Flexible Extra Storage Solution.  Easy, cheap and convenient transportation.    Extra inventory and supplies
storage.  Construction and renovation.  Archive old files and documents. Safely store seasonal items.   Disaster recovery.  Temporary and emergency storage needs.  Emergency protection and salvage after storm or disaster.   Can be rapidly deployed into impacted areas.  Rugged and weather resistant.
Exclusive US Importer:  ASG, LLC, 18653 Ventura Blvd., #380, Tarzana, CA 91356, Phone: (818) 896-4452, Fax: (818) 705-8054